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Bora Extractor Leeds

An often-neglected area of kitchen design is extraction. No matter how wonderful the kitchen layout, if the room is full of smoke, steam or smells, it just doesn’t perform at its best. Bora hob and extractor systems are the answer. Whether you opt for a Bora hob and extractor or a central hob island with Bora induction, you’re choosing an exceptional stove system that doesn’t need an overhead extractor, instead a Bora stove has flush extraction blending seamlessly into the worktop. If you’re seeking the best in kitchen design - the answer is always.

BMF Creative Interiors is at the forefront of kitchen design. We give customers a kitchen that exceeds their expectations and delivers the small daily pleasures that come from having an exceptionally designed, perfectly constructed kitchen. Our ambition is to ensure that each of our kitchens is unique, design-driven and created with our customers in mind. So whether it’s inframe country chic, an innovative kitchen, full of the latest devices and time-saving options, or maybe a kitchen steel clad fit for professional chefs we offer ranges and designs to cover all basis. Our design team will take your needs and turn them into a practical reality.

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Bora Revolution 2.0 Effect Extractor

Bora Professional 2.0

The crème de la crème

Bora Classic 2.0 with Tapan stainless steel grills

Bora Classic 2.0

Single touch control

Bora X Pure

Bora X Pure

Perfection at its best

Bora Basic

Bora Basic

Cooktop and Extractor in one