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Dekton Worktops Leeds

The term ‘sinterized particle technology’ may not thrill you, but it should. This unique technological process ultra-compacts materials so that they become tougher than granite, smoother than glass and more resistant than steel. This means that Dekton kitchen workshops are stronger, more stain-resistant and more hygienic than even the most premium natural materials. Not only that but Dekton worktops are as beautiful as they are hard-wearing - you can put hot pans down on them without fear, and they are essentially stain-proof. If you’re seeking the best kitchen surface you can find, choose Dekton today.

We focus on every element of each kitchen we design. Our team give personal care to each detail so that every kitchen is unique. When we choose to work with a supplier we check out the construction, feel and usability of everything we’re going to recommend to our clients, so that when we do suggest them to our customers, we’re totally confident. If it isn’t superb, special or superlative, we won’t be putting it in a BMF Creative Interiors kitchen.

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Dekton Kitchen Worktops

Dekton Worktops

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Dekton Bathrooms

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Dekton Cladding

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