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Luxury Radiators Leeds

How to choose the perfect radiators. Some aspects of your home are obvious, others are so subtle that you don’t always notice how much they contribute to your enjoyment of your living space. Radiators are one of those often unacknowledged assets. At BMF Creative Interiors we focus on every aspect of your home, and we’re definitely experts when it comes to radiators.

Let's look at ways that modern radiators can improve your home:

  • Towel racks and electric towel rails, like all bathroom radiators, make cold mornings toasty warm

  • Vertical radiators can offer elegance and heat in even the smallest and oddest shaped spaces

  • Designer radiators are stunning additions to your home, adding absolute style as well as warmth and comfort.

Of course, for many of us the idea of anything other than a set of traditional radiators is almost unimaginable and there’s a good reason for that. The classic radiator is an almost perfect design, literally radiating the maximum heat with timeless charm.

BMF Creative Interiors - choosing your radiators

  • If you’re looking for a towel radiator, size is definitely a factor - you want a radiator that doesn’t dominate your bathroom but also that isn’t too small to keep your bathroom and towels gorgeously warm.
  • When it comes to column radiators the good news is that they are generally considered to be more efficient than other radiators owing to their larger surface area which means they heat more air and therefore warm your space more quickly and evenly. Our Zehnder and Bisque column radiators are state-of-the-art, providing a perfect balance of style, warmth and economy
  • Vertical radiators come into their own in rooms where space is at a premium - like kitchens. Some vertical radiators come with a towel rail at the top, making them perfect for drying out your tea towels.

Our full range of radiators are available to view on our sister site which enables you to explore what looks best to you and then contact us to get an expert opinion. We offer a full installation service should you require.

Radiator or modern sculpture? Radiators are no longer hidden away, they are now an integral part of any room design.